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  • Emily O. Weltman

    Emily O. Weltman

    Emily Weltman, M. Ed., strategy consultant, social entrepreneur + coFLOWco founder is “Leading with Purpose–because the patriarchy isn’t going to fix Itself.”💫

  • Lesa Beth Kirby

    Lesa Beth Kirby

  • Wish for WASH

    Wish for WASH

    Wish for WASH seeks to bring more diverse minds, talent, and innovation to the problems of global heath and WASH in our world because #everybodypoops.

  • Marguerite Floyd

    Marguerite Floyd

    writer, editor, poet, parrot person, author of four books (available on Amazon, of course)

  • Kensho Keith

    Kensho Keith

    The essence of spirituality is contentment. Know yourself and heal your universe. Kensho- To see one’s nature. Corruption causes justice to appear as insanity.

  • Lauren Wedekind

    Lauren Wedekind

  • Bria Gadsden

    Bria Gadsden

    Wellness Coach & Menstrual Equity Leader | Bria writes to break the period taboo in 500 words or less. Website: www.briagadsden.com Twitter: @BriaGadsden

  • Vanessa Mwebaza Muwanga

    Vanessa Mwebaza Muwanga

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